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Late Summer Scenes, 2018

Caumsett State Park, New York
Caumsett State Park, New York
Morning Glory with Bee
Viburnum acerifolium setting fruit.
Solidago sp., aka goldenrod.
Pokeweed flowers.
Pokeweed setting fruit.
Monarch on zinnia.
Bumblebee on Eupatorium aka Joe Pye Weed

Northport Harbor, Northport New York

Gunther’s Taproom, Northport New York
Bee on Flowering English Ivy
Mature English Ivy with Gate
Carpenter Bee on Monarda aka Beebalm
Bumblebees on Rudbeckia
Callicarpa a.k.a. Beautyberry in Flower
Milkweed Fluff on Butterfly Weed
Rudbeckia and Lobelia

Cardinal Flower a.k.a. Lobelia
Swallowtail Larva on Sweetbay Magnolia
Cricket on Bell Pepper
Purple Bell Pepper

Roma Tomato

Hot Pepper


Morning glory flowers


White Wood Aster with Bee
Butterfly on Lantana
Butterfly on Buddelia

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