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Glorious spring continues to reveal its floral display.


As spring progresses, plants continue to dazzle us with their beauty. Each day brings forth new blossoms of many shapes, sizes, and colors. Enjoy this selection of woodland and groundcover species, which have opened up recently in Mother Oak’s Garden.

Fothergilla gardenii

Fothergilla gardenii

Lenten Roses and Japanese Painted Fern

Mountain Laurel and Florida Dogwood

Juvenile Chestnut Oak

Juvenile Japanese Maple

Fothergilla, Redbud and Mother Oak

Fothergilla, Redbud and Mother Oak

Iris Cristata with European Ginger

Emerging Redbud Leaves

Florida Dogwood Blossoms

Deciduous Azalea with Bleeding Heart


Lemon Balm with Foam Flower

The queen of the gardenii!